SUSE Certified Administrator in SUSE Rancher 2.6 (SCA)

The SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA) in SUSE Rancher 2.6 certification is designed for administrators who have an understanding of the architecture and components of SUSE Rancher. It also requires knowledge of Kubernetes multi-cluster management with SUSE Rancher. This certification demonstrates fundamental knowledge of the components of SUSE Rancher as well as processes for registering, provisioning, configuring, and backup/restore of Kubernetes clusters using SUSE Rancher. In addition, it demonstrates an understanding of application and workflow management on downstream clusters.

Anyone that previously passed the SUSE exam (sca_ran2_5) for SCA in SUSE Rancher 2.5 will automatically be awarded the SCA in SUSE Rancher 2.6 certification and does not need to take this 2.6 exam.

Detailed Objectives

  • Understand SUSE Rancher Architecture
  • Access SUSE Rancher GUI
  • Login to SUSE Rancher User Interface
  • Modify SUSE Rancher Cluster Name
  • Navigate SUSE Rancher GUI
  • View Cluster and Node Agents
  • Import an Existing Kubernetes Cluster
  • Provision an RKE Cluster on Existing Nodes
  • Manage Users and Groups
  • Understand Roles
  • Configure RKE Templates
  • Manage Cluster and Node Drivers
  • Configure Cloud Credentials
  • Understand Infrastructure Provided Kubernetes Clusters
  • Understand Hosted Kubernetes Clusters
  • Understand Projects and Namespaces
  • Deploy Workloads
  • Understand Apps & Marketplace
  • Install Applications with Helm
  • Configure Quotas
  • Understand Continuous Delivery
  • Manage Cluster Groups
  • Configure Continuous Delivery
  • Deploy Monitoring Stack
  • Understand SUSE Rancher Logging
  • Configure an External Logging Service for Grafana
  • Manage CIS Scans
  • Understand OPA Gatekeeper
  • Access Cluster Nodes with ssh
  • Access a Downstream Cluster with kubectl
  • Understand the SUSE Rancher API
  • Understand SUSE Rancher CLI
  • Understand SUSE Rancher Backup Requirements
  • Create Downstream Cluster Snapshots
  • Upgrade Downstream Clusters
  • Restore Downstream Clusters
  • Backup and Restore SUSE Rancher Server


The exam covers the content in the following courses:

Course RAN201v2.6 Course Kubernetes Administration (KUB201) (prerequisite for RAN201v2.6)

As with all SUSE certifications, course work is not required. You need to pass this certification exam and meet the prerequisites in order to achieve the certification. We highly recommend you study the objectives and prepare for the exam.


  • Exam Name: SCA in SUSE Rancher 2.6
  • Exam Code: sca_ran2_6
  • Exam Type: Exam is questions based, 70 questions
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Scoring: The passing score is 70%
  • Retake Policy: If you do not pass the exam, you must wait 72 hours before you can schedule and take the exam again
  • Cost: $149