Selling Business Outcomes: An Introduction to Cisco Architectures & Services for Account Managers & Pre-Sales (SBOAS)

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A Brief History of Cisco:

  • Culture & Vision

The Business Outcomes Sales Approach overview

  • Consider how best to align Business Outcomes to the customer Business Context

Solutions level overview of key Cisco Architectural propositions

  • Enterprise Networks
    • Identify Cisco Enterprise Networks technology solutions that deliver demonstrable business outcomes.
    • Consider the key Cisco Enterprise Networks differentiators.
  • Security:
    • Identify Cisco Security solutions that help deliver meet customers’ business outcomes across the whole (Before, During & After) attack continuum.
    • Consider the key Cisco Security differentiators.
  • Collaboration:
    • To examine key elements of Cisco’s Collaboration architecture & vision for enterprise customers.
    • To identify the market trends that drive the requirement for these solutions and entry points to the target market to drive sales.
  • Data Center (DC):
    • To examine how & why Cisco’s Unified Data Center (UDC) matters to business, discussing some of the challenges businesses face when journeying toward hybrid IT.
    • Examine how the Cisco UDC changes the economics of the data center for the enterprise.

Mapping Cisco Services and Solutions across key industry verticals

Cisco Services Overview

  • Why sell Cisco technical services:
    • Cisco Branded Services;
    • Cisco Collaborative Services.
  • Selling services by architecture.

Identify Business Outcomes from emerging technologies, including: -

  • Social, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud;
  • The Internet of Everything (IoE);
  • Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Applying the Business Outcomes (SBO) sales methodology:

  • Engaging in business relevant discussions;
    • Triggering the business relevant conversation;
  • How to demonstrate business process improvement in financial terms;
  • Recommendations when presenting the business outcomes story.

Cisco Partner Support.

  • Partner Tools & Resources.