AudioCodes One Voice Operation Center (ADOVOC)


Course Overview

Students are expected to be active participants in the learning process. Emphasis is placed on diagnostic tools and troubleshooting strategies to help students become self-sufficient in the use and support of AudioCodes products.


Working knowledge of IP networking

Course Objectives

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Perform gateway configuration and maintenance actions using the OVOC
  • Define new OVOC System/global and tenant users
  • Work with alarms
  • Understand AudioCodes OVOC solution for real-time management of VoIP traffic
  • Know OVOC features and abilities
  • Be able to configure enterprise/ITSP network in OVOC
  • Be able to navigate in the OVOC and find required information
  • Be familiar with the IP Phone Manager Pro server application
  • Know how to pull the PM Metrics
  • Have the ability to view the PM Data Results

Course Content

Course Topics

  • OVOC Overview
  • OVOC - Getting started
  • Topology View
  • System Management
  • License Pool
  • Alarms Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Security Management
  • Voice Quality Measurement
  • OVOC for Voice Quality Measurement
  • OVOC Server Preparation
  • Network Quality View • Statistics
  • Quality Statistics on Calls
  • Information on User Experience
  • Producing Reports
  • Device Manager
  • Integrated Third Party Application

Prijs & Delivery methods

Online training

3 dagen

  • US$ 1.500,–
Klassikale training

3 dagen

  • Nederland: US$ 1.500,–

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