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Oracle Solaris 10 Performance Management (D61782GC30)

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Who Should Attend

System Administrator


Required Prerequisites

  • Manage pseudo and distributed file systems
  • Employ advanced systems administration skills in a networked Oracle Solaris 10 OS server environment
  • Create and manage logical volumes
  • Configure a network adapter and use ndd to modify its settings

Suggested Prerequisites

  • Describe fundamentals of TCP operations
  • Sun Systems Fault Analysis Workshop

Course Objectives

  • Use the Oracle Solaris 10 OS and third-party tools to analyze performance
  • View and set tunable parameters for the global or a non-global zone
  • Monitor and report on process and thread activity
  • Modify CPU scheduling and virtual memory operations
  • Describe system caches and system buses
  • Tune I/O, and ZFS and UFS File Systems, and network subsystems
  • Describe and employ proper testing procedures to measure throughput, utilization, saturation and latency
  • Describe performance management fundamentals

Course Content

The Oracle Solaris 10 Performance Management course introduces students to performance tuning principles, monitoring utilities and tuning tools for the Oracle Solaris 10 Operating System (Oracle Solaris 10 OS). The course includes a review of Solaris subsystems and the utilities provided to monitor system efficiency including kstat, sar, vmstat, iostat, netstat, mpstat, nfsstat, ps, prstat, pmap, the proc tools, truss, dtrace, the DTrace Toolkit, cpustat, cputrack, swap, lockstat, and mdb. This revision also includes a section on resource management using zones and pools, as well as content related to Solaris Studio tools. The course format is divided into three major sections: tools, OS theory, and strategy and actions.

The Oracle Solaris 10 Performance Management course includes practices to reinforce skills development. The Practices will be of two types:
1. Learning and practice using the monitoring and configuration tools.
2. Problem solving practices where the student will have to determine the cause of a performance problem or figure out a way to measure the load on a subsystem.

Learn To:

  • Identify ways to measure or load subsystems
  • Configure resource management with zones and pools
  • Use system monitoring tools including DTrace
  • Determine the cause of system performance issues
  • Use system configuration tools
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  • België: 4.025,- €
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Beschikbare data

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