EMS Support and Implementation Engineering Professional (REMS16)


Course Overview

The object of this course is to provide the students with the knowledge and experience (hands-on labs will available in each module) that they will need to install a standalone EMS, navigate the EMS, monitor the network and perform daily or weekly tasks on the EMS.

Students will learn how to perform baseline monitoring and maintenance tasks using the EMS as the managing tool. The EMS is mandatory in all Cloud SBC deployments. Since there is no difference between the provisioning of a virtual EMS/SWe versus a physical device, the information provided in this course will be valid for monitoring, configuring or provisioning both types of installations. At the end of the class a practical and theoretical exam will be taken for assessment purposes. In order to achieve certification, you must pass the practical exam with a score of 100% and the theoretical exam with a score of 80% or higher.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to:

  • Navigate the Insight EMS GUI and identify the proper application to use to perform task on the different Sonus devices
  • Create new users and groups, assigning security privileges, logins and passwords
  • Monitor the individual devices or the network and to recognize when alarms indicate problems in the network; as well as what action to take to clear the alarm
  • Create and read Call Detail Records and Trace Files to troubleshoot call problems
  • Create and implement Data Collection Profiles, which in turn are used to run the performance reports that provide real-time and historical information as to the status of the network
  • Install a Stand-Alone version of the EMS, PSX GUI package and On-Line Documentation
  • Register and discover Sonus Devices, add licenses to an EMS
  • Perform daily and weekly routine maintenance, such as EMS status commands, backups and restores
  • Monitor EMS processes
  • Certification Exam

Course Content

Course Topics

EMS-ISC – EMS Basics

  • Create Users and Roles
  • Build a Fault Manager View and display that view using the Real-Time tab.
  • Access the Advanced Fault Manager tabs and answer some questions
  • Build and display a Performance Report
  • Build a Call History Report
  • View a Call Trace

EMS-ISC – EMS SWe Installation Workshop

  • Using VMWare, you will install a SA EMS, PSX GUI Package and On-Line Documentation
  • Once the EMS is installed you will register and discover 2 Sonus devices: A PSX and SBC Core device
  • Following the registration, you will add 2 licenses: Calls Per Second and CLI
  • You will also test access to the EMS CLI

EMS-ISC – EMS for SBC Core Devices

  • Produce an Inventory Report
  • Backup and Restore a single SBC or a group of SBC devices
  • Download backup files to your PC
  • Upgrade an SBC Core device

EMS-ISC – EMS for SBC Edge Devices

  • Backup and Restore a single SBC or a group of SBC devices
  • Download backup files to your PC
  • Create configuration files from a backup
  • Provision new SBCs from an existing configuration file
  • Upgrade one or more 1Ks or 2Ks at the same time

EMS-ISC – EMS Routine Maintenance

  • Perform daily and weekly routine maintenance tasks
  • Starting and Stopping the EMS
  • Backing up an EMS
  • Starting and Stopping the EMS Database and Listener
  • Starting and Stopping the Fault Manger
  • Create a snapshot of your EMS to send to Ribbon Support

EMS-ISC – EMS Support

  • Locate important EMS directories and log files
  • Verify versions installed EMS package
  • What would you do? Troubleshooting Scenarios

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