VMware Certified Design Expert 7 - Cloud Management and Automation (VCDX7-CMA)

VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level of VMware certification. This elite group of VCDX professionals is comprised of design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments.

Earning the new VCDX7-CMA certification from VMware will validate your skills in designing, planning, and integrating world-class VMware vSphere and vCloud Management and Automation solutions and driving true business value through VMware Cloud Management platforms.

Certification Path if you hold no VCDX certifications:

  1. Earn the VCP7-CMA
  2. Earn the VCIX7-CMA badge
  3. Review and understand the blueprint
  4. Select and build a design, based on the blueprint
  5. Submit the design application and code of conduct through the application form
  6. Pass the application and design review.
  7. Successfully defend the design against three panelists