Support ID important tool in NetApp course registration

The importance of a NetApp Support ID

NetApp records which organizations attend which courses. Fast Lane and NetApp collaborate therefore closely in this area. An important tool in this registration process is the student's Support ID. A Support ID is a personal account, where a number of personal student and company details are linked.

NetApp has asked Fast Lane to register each participating student by means of this Support ID. It is important that each student has a Support ID and is aware of his or her login information.

You do not have a Support ID yet? No problem. You can simply register on NetApp's website and indicate which organization is employing you. NetApp will subsequently validate this registration and give you feedback within a few days.

You only need to supply Fast Lane with your Support ID login name. We do the rest!

More Information
Would you like to know more about your Support ID? Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 30 658 2131 or send us an email.

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