Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin (SECA)

Use Splunk Enterprise knowledge to your advantage From license management, indexers and search heads to configuration, monitoring and data ingest, as a Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin, you’ll have greater confidence for your day-to-day. Learn more to optimize the health of your environment.

This certification exam is for anyone responsible for supporting the day-to-day administration and health of a Splunk Enterprise environment.

  • Career builders - Grow your career beyond searches and dashboards within the Splunk Enterprise platform. Demonstrate a base knowledge of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud platforms. It’s an ideal next step for Core Power Users.
  • Platform administrators - Demonstrate your ability to manage and maintain your Splunk Enterprise environment health. It’s best if your deployment will not be migrating to Splunk Cloud.
  • Enterprise Security administrators - Enhance your credentials and expertise. This is a key stepping stone to successfully administering a Splunk Enterprise Security environment.


Prerequisite Certification(s):

Recommended training for this certification

Candidates who wish to prepare for the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam are recommended to complete the following modules:

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Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin Exam

Exam Details:

  • Level: Professional
  • Prerequisites: Splunk Core Certified Power User
  • Length: 60 minutes
  • Format: 56 multiple choice questions
  • Pricing: $130 USD per exam attempt
  • Delivery: Exam is given by our testing partner Pearson VUE

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