Introduction to IOT - The Transformation of Industries through IOT (Utilities) (IOTU)

Detailed Course Outline

Part 1 - Transformation through Digitalisation – with Cisco IoT & IoE

  • Introduction participants & facilitators; setting scene and show agenda for day
  • IoT as a driver for transformation: a brief overview on IoT as a technology as well as a driver for the digitalization of life and business; Internet of Things as part of the ‚Internet of Everything’ drives the digitalisation of industries – clarification/definition
  • Overview on IoT in business - from ‚create’ to ‚decide’; how IoT changes the way companies make decisions, and how Cisco participates (CCAAD: create, communicate, aggregate, analyze, decide) – component overview

Part 2 - Macro-economics in the utility sector – an opportunity for IoT

  • The new reality macro-economical challenges in ‘Utility’: providing background knowledge about water, energy etc. sector (market forces, legal, economical etc. by using PESTLE) – working example: analysis of Utility sector by applying PESTLE

Part 3 Cisco IoT system – overview

  • How Cisco participates: 'The Cisco IoT System', validated designs for IoT solutions
  • What is the solution, overview and product components, ecosystem partners and competitive landscape.

Part 4 Connected Industry – Utility

  • IoT & IoE in the Utility industry: Cisco building blocks and solutions, Key Buyers and their care-abouts, key outcome of Cisco IoT for utility companies
  • Defining IoT use cases – working with use cases in order to unhide the potential of IoT: 'What-if-scenarios' with embedded IoT in a certain business process or use case.
  • Exercise: pick a use case and define impact of IoT (KPI’s), buyers and care-abouts
  • Understand the stakeholders in ‘Utility’ use cases: understand whom to address with IoT beyond IT, their individual challenges, potential value, how to approach them - draft the buying center – draft messaging.

Part 5 - Cisco offerings & services

  • Next steps, certifications, service offerings, sales tools & resources, enablement, programs etc.

Q&A, Feedback