Enterprise Network Unified Access Essentials (ENUAE) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: One Network – Building the Wired Foundation
  • Cisco Unified Access Architecture Overview
  • High Availability (HA) Features Implemented in the Unified Access Wired Access Architecture
  • Introduction to Cisco Catalyst Smart Operations
  • Cisco SmartPorts Macros
  • Cisco Smart Install
  • Cisco AutoQoS
  • Cisco Easy Virtual Network (EVN)
Module 2: One Management Foundation: Implementing Prime Infrastructure 2.0
  • Unified management of wired and wireless access, branch, and wide area networks
  • Comprehensive network life cycle management, including user access visibility, inventory, configuration management, plug and play, radio frequency planning, and best practices reporting
  • End-to-end application and service assurance visibility to quickly isolate and troubleshoot performance issues
  • Relational, multidimensional view of users, applications, and network to simplify the diagnostics and remediation of network and service impacting issues
  • Easy deployment and management of Cisco advanced technologies
Module 3: Policy Foundation: Basic ISE AAA Setup and Guest Server Setup for Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Requirements for installing Cisco ISE
  • ISE installation process
  • Overview of Cisco ISE new Setup Assistant, GUI, and features
  • Using the new ISE Setup Assistant for configuration
  • Requirements for configuring Authentication through AD
  • Configuring Authorization Rules Using AD and dACLs
  • Requirements for PI Integration with ISE
  • Configuring integration
  • Configuring Monitor Mode for Wired dot1x
  • Configuring Authentication rules
  • Configuring Downloadable Access Lists (dACLs) based on Policies
  • Configuring Authorization Profiles that include dACLs
Module 4: Wireless Reference Architecture using Various Cisco Wireless LAN Platforms and Prime Infrastructure
  • Wireless Features Overview
  • Radio Resource Management (RRM)
  • Cisco CleanAir
  • Cisco ClientLink Optimization for Mixed-Client Networks Scenarios
  • Cisco AP Stateful Switchover (SSO) HA Solution
  • List of Cisco Secure Wireless LAN Features
  • Use SSIDs for Network Segmentation
  • User Policy Overview Using Prime Infrastructure
  • Implementation of Special Services Using QoS
  • ACLs Configuration on the WLC
  • WLC Dynamic Interfaces and VLAN Configuration
  • Manipulate Authentication Process of the Client
Module 5: Advanced Wireless Features
  • Introduction to Cisco AVC and its benefits
  • Cisco VideoStream Technology
  • Wireless LAN Apple Bonjour Overview
  • Cisco connected Mobile Experience
Module 6: Converged Access Solution
  • Review of Current Deployment Model
  • Converged Access Overview
  • Wireless Features for Converged Access
  • Interoperability concerns in a hybrid network environment
  • Switch Features for Converged Access
  • “One-Policy” using SA-NET and ISE
  • Steps for Migration
  • Using PI to configure 5760 for deployment
  • Configuring the 5760 as the Mobility Controller
  • Implementing the 3850 in a Converged Access network through PI
  • Establishing policies in ISE for clients connecting to Converged Access networks
  • Configuring Identity Control Policies for Session Aware Networking
Module 7: Securing Any Access
  • Implementing Authentication for BYOD through ISE
  • BYOD On-boarding through ISE
  • Using Auto SmartPort Macros for BYOD
  • Profiler Service Overview
  • ISE Profiler with IOS Device Sensor
  • Overview Security Group Access in ISE
  • Group Access requirements for BYOD
  • At CLI, Configuring the NADs to support SGA and SXP
  • Configuring Security Group Tagging (SGT) in the wired and wireless infrastructure
  • Overview of Identity Port Mapping? (IPM)
  • AT ISE: Configuring SGT eXchange Protocol (SXP) for wired and wireless environment
  • Configuring Security Groups, SGACLs, and Security Group Matrix
Module 8: SmartOperations
  • EEM Overview
  • EEM Configuration on Catalyst Series Switches
  • Automated Diagnostic Features
  • Cisco Generic Online Diagnostics (GOLD) Overview
  • Understanding IP SLA Benefits
  • Cisco IP SLA Best Practices
Module 9: Application Visibility and Control For Wired Networks
  • Application Visibility and Control Overview
  • Cisco Medianet
  • Cisco Mediatrace
  • Cisco Flexible NetFlow Overview and Implementation
  • Cisco Packet Capture Technologies Wireshark/Mini-protocol analyzer (MPA)
Module 10: Wired and Wireless High Availability Solutions
  • Cisco Catalyst Switch Architecture
  • Stateful Switchover (SSO)
  • Cisco Nonstop Forwarding (NSF) Implementation
  • Cisco Non Stop Routing (NSR)
  • Cisco VSS Solution
  • Cisco Catalyst Switch ISSU Solution
  • WLAN High Availability Features Overview
  • Cisco AP SSO Implementation
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Considerations
Module 11: Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring Wired and Wireless network devices with PI
  • Monitoring using ISE Dashboard
  • ISE Alarms
  • Implementing Logging
  • PI monitoring in Troubleshooting
  • Built in Client Troubleshooting tool to Support Step-by-Step Problem Analysis
  • Working with NetFlow (configuring, best practice)
  • Troubleshooting the network with ISE
  • ISE Search Capability
  • Troubleshooting Network Access Issues
  • Using Live Logs for troubleshooting
  • ISE discoverable authentication issues
  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting Tools
  • Cisco ISE Reports
Module 12: Advanced BYOD Solution Wrap-Up
  • Overview of the Any Connect BYOD Experience for Windows 7 PC
  • Implementing AnyConnect
  • Configuring AnyConnect with MACsec and 802.1x supplicant
  • ISE client provisioning
  • ISE Device registration
  • ISE MDM integration ***include video
  • Configuring ISE profiler for BYOD use case

Module 1 Lab: One Network Foundation: Building the Wired Reference Architecture
Module 2 Lab: Building the One Management Foundation with Prime Infrastructure
Module 3 Lab: Add ISE and Client Access Services to Network Management Architecture
Module 4 Lab: Build Wireless Reference Architecture – One Network Mobility Foundation
Module 5 Lab: Build One Network Advanced Mobility Solution for Wireless network
Module 6 Lab: Implementing a Converged Access Network
Module 7 Lab: Build Management Foundation - Add 802.1x security for BYOD network and Secure Group Access using ISE
Module 8 Lab: Build SmartOperations Foundation
Module 9 Lab: Build Application Mobility and Control foundation
Module 10 Lab: Implement High Availability (HA) and Scaling Features in the Network
Module 11 Lab: Unified Access Monitoring with PI and ISE
Module 12 Lab: Advanced BYOD Solution