Helping you to obtain and maintain your Cisco, NetApp or IBM partner certification

With years of experience managing channel partner programs Fast Lane have developed and constructed a unique database that allows us to look after and manage your certification requirements in order to maintain, or achieve a desired partner status.

Certifications amongst your employees will expire at different times so continuous monitoring is necessary, this is where CertiTool comes into play. We can identify when each member of your team will require to sit their exam in order to renew their certification, so you are compliant with your partner specifications. We can then highlight if a course is required before sitting the exam and when the training is available. CertiTool also keeps on top of any changes implemented to the partnership requirements, keeping you up to date with all the latest obligations and specifications. We can also help you plan in advanced to ensure you are fully covered should any certified employee leave your company.

All of these considerations need to be taken into account and CertiTool simplifies all of the scenarios saving you time and effort to ensure you are compliant to achieve your desired, or maintain your current partner status.

The advantages for your organization
At any given moment you will have an overview of:

  • The current channel partner program requirements including exams, certifications, specializations and courses required to maintain / obtain your partner status.
  • Where your organization stands within the partner program.
  • The route your organization should take in order to achieve the desired goal.
  • A detailed training program for each employee, Fast Lane will manage the booking process and procedure for you.
  • The potential risks your organization runs, which certifications are due to expire and what happens when a certified member leaves your organization.

Rest assured we handle all of your information with the upmost care and discretion at all times, and employee’s details and privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Curious about our methods and database? We would be more than happy to come by and demonstrate the possibilities. Call us on +31 30 658 2131 or send us an email without obligation for further information.