Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience (DEX403) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Data Model Development

  • Create custom objects
  • Create custom fields
  • Create master-detail relationships
  • Create lookup relationships
  • Create many-to-many relationships
  • Create lookup filters
  • View and edit your schema graphically

Profiles and Permissions

  • Create and customize profiles
  • Create permission sets
  • Set field-level security

Record Access

  • Describe the levels of record access available
  • Assign organization-wide defaults
  • Create a role hierarchy
  • Define sharing rules
  • Manually share a record

Data Management

  • Create custom validation rules
  • Describe tools available for data management
  • Export and import data
  • Describe the Bulk API

User Interface Development

  • Create custom apps, tabs, and pages
  • View and customize the Salesforce mobile app
  • Describe use cases for Quick Actions
  • Create record types

Flow Basics and Screen Flows

  • Describe the types of flows available
  • Create a screen flow
  • Add elements and resources to a flow
  • Control navigation in a flow
  • Describe the difference between user mode and system mode
  • Debug a flow
  • Deploy a flow

Record-Triggered Flows

  • Describe the types of Data Manipulation Language (DML) available in Salesforce
  • Identify differences between before and after triggers
  • Configure a record-triggered flow
  • Use the $Record and $Record__Prior global variables
  • Debug a record-triggered flow
  • Send custom notifications from a flow
  • Configure a platform event-triggered flow

Process Builder and Workflow

  • List the actions that can be triggered by a process and workflow
  • Describe the difference between immediate and scheduled actions
  • Describe use cases for a process and workflow
  • Create processes and workflow rules
  • Create an escalation using scheduled actions

Automation with Approvals

  • List the components of a multi-step approval process
  • Implement a multi-step approval process

Save Order of Execution

  • Describe key points in the Order of Execution
  • Describe how declarative programming fits into and can be impacted by the Order of Execution
  • Describe the lifecycle of a transaction

Flow Best Practices

  • Use naming conventions
  • Describe how to avoid flow limits
  • Describe the difference between flow transactions and flow interviews
  • Describe how Flow handles bulkification
  • Identify common problems that can occur with flow loops
  • Call invocable Apex from a flow
  • Identify when not to use Flow

App Deployment

  • Contrast the differences between the various types of sandboxes
  • Describe the capabilities, limitations, and considerations of change sets
  • Describe the capabilities of unmanaged packages
  • Create and install unmanaged packages
  • Determine the appropriate deployment plan given a scenario