Oracle Database 12c R2: Install and Upgrade Workshop (D77766)


Who should attend

  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Database Administrator


Working knowledge of SQL and use of PL/SQL packages

Course Objectives

  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
  • Use Oracle Restart to manage components
  • Upgrade database to Oracle Database 12c
  • Create a container database
  • Create an Oracle Database
  • Install Oracle Database 12c software

Course Content

  • Oracle Database 12c Overview
    • Oracle Database 12c Introduction
    • Oracle Database Architecture Overview
    • Oracle Database Instance Configurations
    • Oracle Database Memory Structures
    • Process Structures
    • Database Storage Architecture
    • Logical and Physical Database Structures
    • Container and Pluggable Database Overview
  • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
    • Overview of Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
    • System Requirements for Oracle Grid Infrastructure
    • Configuring Storage for Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)
    • Installing Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
    • Upgrading Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a Standalone Server
  • Installing Oracle Database Software
    • Planning Your Installation
    • System Requirements for Oracle Database
    • Preparing the Operating System
    • Using 4 KB Sector Disks
    • Setting Environment Variables
    • Checking the System Requirements
    • Using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)
    • Performing a Silent Mode Installation
  • Creating an Oracle Database by Using DBCA
    • Planning the Database Storage Structure
    • Choosing non-CDB or CDB
    • Types of Databases (based on workload)
    • Choosing the Appropriate Character Set
    • Understanding How Character Sets are Used
    • Setting the NLS_LANG Initialization Parameter
    • Using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA)
  • Using Oracle Restart
    • Oracle Restart Overview
    • Oracle Restart Process startup
    • Controlling Oracle Restart
    • Choosing the Correct SRVCTL Utility
    • Oracle Restart Configuration
    • Using the SRVCTL Utility
    • Obtaining Help for the SRVCTL Utility
    • Starting Components by Using the SRVCTL Utility
  • Introduction to Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
    • Upgrade Methods
    • Data Migration Methods
    • Supported Releases for Direct Upgrade
    • Overview of Upgrade Process
    • Performing a Rolling Upgrade
    • Upgrading a CBD
  • Preparing to Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c
    • Developing a Test Plan
    • Performance Testing
    • Requirements for Databases Using Oracle Label Security or Oracle Database Vault
    • Requirement for Databases Using Oracle Warehouse Builder
    • Using the Pre-Upgrade Information Tool
    • Backing Up the Database
    • Installing the Oracle Database 12c Software
    • Preparing the New Oracle Home
  • Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
    • Upgrading by Using the Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA)
    • Manually Upgrading to Oracle Database 12c
    • Migrating a non-CDB to a CDB
  • Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks
    • Migrating to Unified Auditing
    • Performing Post-Upgrade Tasks Following a Manual Upgrade
  • Migrating Data by Using Oracle Data Pump
    • Data Pump Overview
    • Migrating by Using Data Pump
    • Importing by Using a Network Link

Price & Delivery methods

Online Training

2 days

  • 1,354.— €
Classroom Training

2 days

  • The Netherlands: 1,354.— €

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.