Tetration Firewall Enforcement Agents, Data Flow Mapping, and Advanced Policy Deployment (TETADV) – Outline

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Module 1: Cisco Tetration Firewall Agent

  • How the Cisco Tetration Firewall Agent Enforces Firewall Rules
  • Deploying and Managing Linux Enforcement Agents
  • Deploying and Managing Windows Enforcement Agents
  • Deploying and Managing AIX Enforcement Agents

Module 2: Tetration Enforcement Agent Components, Messaging, and Interaction

  • Enforcement Front End
  • Firewall and Catch-all Rules
  • The Preserve Rules Option
  • Agent Config Intents
  • Stateful Enforcement

Module 3: Tetration Enforcement Agent UI Configurations and Troubleshooting

  • Agent UI Configuration
  • Monitoring Agents
  • Platform Specific Enforcement Features and Requirements
  • Known Limitations
  • Troubleshooting Inbound and Outbound Firewall Rules

Module 4: Tetration Secure Connector, Edge and Ingest Appliances

  • Tetration Secure Connector Overview
  • Tetration Secure Connector features and configuration
  • Tetration Edge Appliance Overview
  • Tetration Edge Appliance configuration
  • Tetration Ingest Appliance Overview
  • Tetration Ingest appliance features and configurations

Module 5: Application Dependency Mapping

  • Application Management Workflow Cycle
  • Tetration Application Insight
  • ADM Process
  • ADM Run Results
  • Cluster Confidence
  • [

b]Module 6: Tetration Policy Analysis[/b]

  • Enable Policy Analysis
  • Live Policy Analysis
  • Backdated Policy Experiments
  • Quick Policy Analysis
  • Diagnosis Using Policy Analysis

Module 7: Cisco Tetration Analytics Policy Enforcement Overview

  • Policy Global Ordering & Conflict Resolution
  • Scope Priorities
  • Troubleshooting Policy Enforcement

Module 8: Cisco Tetration Flow Search

  • Understanding the Flow Corpus
  • Using Scopes to Filter Results
  • Searching with Conjunctions
  • Correlating Flow Data with Hosts and Processes
  • Leveraging Annotations

Module 9: Using Tetration Forensics

  • Forensic Signals
  • Configuring Forensics
  • Forensics Visualization and Alerts
  • ForensicsScoring
  • Network and Process Hash Anomaly Detection

Module 10: Tetration Apps and API

  • App Store
  • User Apps
  • Visualize Data Sources
  • Bring your own Data
  • OpenAPI