Flow Development using OO Workflow Designer (OO230) – Outline

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Module 1: Course Overview
  • Identify the contents and objectives of the course
  • Define the class schedule and class logistics
  • Identify the related courses
  • Discuss the lab environment details
Module 2: Introduction to OO
  • Describe OO and its key benefits
  • Explain the system and functional architecture of OO
  • Discuss the key capabilities of OO
  • Define content packs, projects, flows and operations
Module 3: Basic Flow Authoring with Workflow Designer
  • Describe and use OO Workflow Designer
  • Identify flow authoring components
  • Create and debug a basic flow
Module 4: Running Flows in OO Central
  • Explain the role of OO Central in deploying automated workflows
  • Describe the OO Central UI
  • Deploy projects and dependencies
  • Run flows, monitor progress, and evaluate results
  • Set flow permissions
  • View the dashboard and reports
  • Visualize a deployed workflow
  • Explore system configuration
Module 5: Recording RPA Activities
  • Describe RPA
  • Use RPA Recorder
  • Create an RPA Activity
  • Debug an RPA Flow Activity
Module 6: Defining Inputs and Outputs
  • Define inputs and outputs for steps and flow
  • Describe step properties
  • Define system properties
  • Describe flow properties
  • Use Python expressions
  • Using Python functions
Module 7: Authoring Hybrid Flows
  • Describe hybrid flows
  • Create hybrid flows
  • Debug hybrid flows remotely
  • Describe AFL content packs
Module 8: More Flow Authoring Options
  • Define results and transitions
  • Define and use Subflows
  • Implement branching and looping in flows
  • Use worker groups and robot groups
  • Describe Activity Designer
  • Use CloudSlang libraries
Module 9: Content Generator for REST API
  • Use Content Generator for REST API
Module 10: Creating Custom Python Operations
  • Implement Python Operations
  • Install a Python custom library
  • Implement Python Custom library functionality
Module 11: Working with CloudSlang
  • Describe CloudSlang
  • Describe how CloudSlang is used in OO
  • Import CloudSlang code developed outside of OO
  • Contribute to CloudSlang using Git
Module 12: Using SCM
  • Describe GIT Repository
  • Use Git Repositories in Workflow Designer