Discover Salesforce Fundamentals to Support Your Business (BSX101) – Outline

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  • How Salesforce Works
  • Salesforce Applications
  • Salesforce Organization

Data Access and Security

  • Controlling Org Access
  • Managing Who Views and Modifies Objects
  • Unlocking Access to Records
  • Sharing Access to Records
  • Locking Down Individual Fields

User Management and Troubleshooting

  • Creating New Users
  • Troubleshoot Login, Record Access, and Field Visibility Issues

Customize Salesforce

  • Thinking About Your Implementation
  • Custom Fields, Picklists, Page Layouts, and Record Types
  • Creating Email Templates

Automate Business Processes

  • Validation Rules
  • Assignment and Escalation Rules
  • Web-to-Lead and Entitlements
  • Lightning Process Builder and Workflow
  • Approval Processes and Visual Workflow

Report On Your Data

  • Reports Tab, Folders, and Formats
  • Using the Report Builder
  • Summarize Your Data

Using Reported Data

  • Getting More Insight From Your Data
  • Dashboards
  • Your Analytics Strategy

Salesforce Everyday

  • Chatter, Groups, and Communities
  • Chatter Answers and Ideas
  • Salesforce1
  • Making Salesforce Part of Your Day

Data Management

  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Data Quality

Extending Salesforce

  • Driving Salesforce Implementation
  • Custom Objects, Apps, and the Salesforce AppExchange
  • Build It Yourself

Wrap Up and Certification

  • Certification Process and Resources