Build CPQ Solutions for Industries (IPQ435) – Outline

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  • Explore Communications, Media, and Energy and Utilities Clouds and Industries CPQ
  • Understand the Industries CME Data Model

Order Capture

  • Create and Configure Orders Using the Cart
  • Work with MACD and ABO Orders
  • Cancel an Order
  • Create Orders with Non-Assetizable Products
  • Configure Data Movement Across Line Items Using Field Mapper

Enterprise Product Catalog

  • Create Attributes and Picklists
  • Create Object Types and Learn Inheritance Architecture
  • Create Products
  • Set Product Attribute Metadata and Override Attribute Defaults
  • Create Product Bundles and Define Product Cardinality
  • Work with Product Lifecycle Dates
  • Manage the Shared Catalog’s Platform Cache


  • Configure One-Time and Recurring Prices
  • Define Price Lists and Child Price Lists
  • Implement Base and Bundled Prices
  • Configure Time Plans and Policies
  • Configure Advanced Pricing Strategies such as Attribute-Based Pricing and Usage Pricing

Promotions and Discounts

  • Determine the Difference Between Products, Product Bundles, and Promotions
  • Compare Pricing Adjustments and Overrides
  • Create Promotions for Existing Products
  • Adjust Prices and Time Plans
  • Create Contextual Discounts for Orders, Accounts, and Contracts
  • Identify the Best Type of Pricing Adjustment Given a Scenario


  • Build Context Rules Components
  • Create and Apply Context Rules to Products, Promotions, Price Lists, and Price List Entries
  • Create Product Relationships to Recommend, Exclude, or Require other Products
  • Create Advanced Rules to Modify Product Attributes During Order Capture
  • Create Advanced Rules to Auto-Add Products to the Cart
  • Identify the Best Type of Rule to Use Given a Scenario

Guided Selling

  • Customize a Guided LWC Interaction for Purchasing Products
  • Explore Industries Digital Commerce LWC, SDK, and Cacheable APIs
  • Learn About CpqAppHandler Service, Its Methods, and Cart-Based APIs