Kubernetes Fundamentals + Operations Course Bundle (KFOBUNDLE)

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Course Outline Fundamentals | Day 1 & 2

  • What real-world problem does Kubernetes solve?
  • Kubernetes in historical context
  • Container basics: Linux cgroups and namespaces
  • Core resources and kubectl
  • Kubernetes system components
  • Kubernetes developer workflow
  • Deploying an application: CI pipeline, containerisation, testing, configuration and
  • secrets, liveness & readiness probes, and useful kubectl tips
  • Basic debugging

Course Outline Operations | Day 3 & 4

  • Installing and upgrading Kubernetes; best practices for building clusters
  • How to debug common issues
  • General cluster maintenance
  • Advanced features, such as networking, storage and ingress
  • Production operations concerns:
  • Best-practices for deployments and secrets management
  • Maintaining etcd
  • Debugging broken clusters
  • Enterprise RBAC and authentication
  • Extending Kubernetes
  • Vendor and tooling landscape
  • Self-hosted or cloud-managed clusters? Guidelines to help you choose what’s best for you
  • Guidelines for building a self-service, multi-tenant Kubernetes platform for your organisation