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Oracle Application Testing Suite: Essentials (D63821)


Who should attend

  • Project Manager
  • Application Developers


Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Knowledge of HTTP and Java is helpful, but not required

Course Objectives

  • Run load tests in Oracle Load Testing
  • Add performance monitors to load tests
  • Analyze load test data
  • Manage the testing process with Oracle Test Manager
  • Administer Oracle Test Manager and Oracle Load Testing
  • Create and run test scripts for Oracle applications and non-UI-based applications by using Application Testing Suite testing accelerators
  • Install Oracle Application Testing Suite and explain its components and architecture
  • Navigate the Oracle OpenScript user interface
  • Create, run, and customize functional test scripts with Oracle Functional Testing
  • Create, run, customize, and troubleshoot load test scripts in Oracle OpenScript

Course Content

In this Oracle Application Testing Suite: Essentials course, you'll learn how to use three components of Oracle Application Testing Suite. Use these to test the quality, performance and reliability of Web applications and Oracle-packaged applications.

Learn To:

  • Explain the Oracle Application Testing Suite Components and Architecture.
  • Install Oracle Application Testing Suite.
  • Test Functionality and Load Performance of Web, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Packaged Applications.
  • Manage the Overall Testing Process of Web Applications with Oracle Test Manager.
  • Test Oracle applications and Non-UI-based Applications by using Application Testing Suite Testing Accelerators.
  • Use Oracle Load Testing to build scenarios and configure test duration and user ramp up.
  • Monitor back-end server performance.
  • View real-time results through reports.

Install the Application Testing Suite

First, you'll install the Application Testing Suite and learn about the interface and basics of OpenScript, the scripting platform for Oracle Functional Testing and Oracle Load Testing. You'll also learn how to create a Web functional test script and customize it using a databank file, text matching script and object test.

Oracle Load Testing

Next, you'll focus on Oracle Load Testing, which is used to automate load and performance testing. Expert Oracle instructors will teach you how to plan load tests and decipher HTTP requests and responses. Once again, you'll use OpenScript to create load test scripts. Special attention is given to trouble-shooting playback failures.

Oracle Test Manager

You'll then learn how to manage the testing process with Oracle Test Manager. Define test plans and requirements, create and execute tests, document issues and design reports and dashboards. In Oracle Application Testing Suite Administrator, you'll learn how to administer aspects of Oracle Load Testing and Oracle Test Manager.

Course Wrap-Up

This course finishes with an optional set of lessons about Application Testing Suite accelerators, which enable you to test Oracle applications (such as E-Business Suite and Siebel), Web Services and Oracle Database. You will also review the new features for Oracle Application Testing Suite, Release 12.2.

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