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Oracle Identity Governance 11g R2: Essentials (D81835)


Who should attend

  • Functional Implementer
  • End Users
  • Administrator
  • Sales Consultants
  • Business Analysts
  • Process Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Administrator


  • A general comprehension of Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database
  • A high-level understanding of SOA, BPEL and JDeveloper

Course Objectives

  • Identifying access policy harvesting, and discussing the role that access policy harvesting plays in a reconciliation workflow
  • Launching Oracle Identity Manager
  • Creating and managing organizations, roles, and users
  • Using the Bulk Load Utility to load users, role categories, and roles into Oracle Identity Manager
  • Customizing and saving searches
  • Installing and configuring predefined Oracle Identity Manager connectors
  • Implementing manual and automated provisioning workflows
  • Provisioning users to resources through request-level and operation-level approval workflows and policies
  • Provisioning users with complex entitlements for disconnected resources
  • Understanding the importance, benefits, terminology, values, terminology, and functional aspects of identity management and identity governance
  • Creating and managing authoritative and account reconciliation workflows
  • Creating and managing authorization policies in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Accessing operational, historical, exception, entitlement, and custom reports in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Understanding the need for certification and how to configure, create, and complete certification activities
  • Transferring Oracle Identity Manager configurations
  • Explaining how the Oracle Identity Governance Suite works

Course Content

This Oracle Identity Governance 11g: Essentials explores the steps needed to identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 PS2 ( Expert Oracle University instructors will help you understand the importance, benefits, values, terminology and functional aspects of identity management and identity governance.

Learn To:

  • Create, load, and manage organizations, roles and users, including dynamic organizations and parametric roles.
  • Import and use predefined Oracle Identity Manager connectors.
  • Create draft versions of user profiles and requests.
  • Use requests to automate the provisioning of users through request-level and operation-level approval workflows.
  • Provision users with complex entitlements for disconnected resources.
  • Reconcile user data between Oracle Identity Manager, and trusted and non-trusted external resources.
  • Identify access policy harvesting, and discuss the role that access policy harvesting plays in a reconciliation workflow.
  • Access and configure Oracle Identity Manager reports using Oracle BI Publisher.
  • Configure and perform certification activities to review periodically the access granted to users, as part of good Identity Governance practice.
  • Migrate an Oracle Identity Manager configuration and customization from test to production environments.

Benefits to You:

By enrolling int his course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to secure your organization's critical applications and sensitive data to lower operational costs. Learn how to manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources.

Identity Governance Infrastructure
Furthermore, you'll learn essential concepts about implementing identity management solutions with Oracle Identity Manager. After, discover the importance, benefits, values, terminology and functional aspects of identity management.

Creating & Managing Roles & Users
If you want to learn how to create and manage organizations, roles, and users, including dynamic organizations and parametric roles, this course is a great solution. Explore predefined connectors in the Oracle Identity Manager Connector Pack, ways to transfer connectors from one environment to another and tools used to import and export connectors: Manage Connector and Deployment Manager.

Implementing Provisioning Workflows
In addition, taking this course will teach you how to implement provisioning workflows to create user accounts in external resources--manually and automatically. You'll then deploy these approval workflows as SOA composites to use them as part of a request. Next, you associate approval policies with request-level and operational-level approval workflows. Then, you learn about two new features of requests: the request access catalog and the request cart.

Implementing Reconciliation Workflows
Ready to deep dive into two types of reconciliation: authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation? Through this course, uou'll learn how authoritative reconciliation is used to identify new user accounts on trusted sources and transfer them into Oracle Identity Manager. Similarly, you'll learn how account reconciliation is used to recognize account-related information for a user on a target resource, and transfer this information into Oracle Identity Manager.

Finally, taking this course will help you develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between the three products that make up the Oracle Identity Governance Suite: Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Identity Analytics and Oracle Privileged Account Manager, including how they work together as part of an integrated solution.

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