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Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX201)


Course Overview

Extensive and interactive, Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience is the core training that ensures your success with Salesforce Lightning. It’s a must for new administrators, and we recommend completing this course before starting a Salesforce deployment or when taking over an existing deployment.

Who Should Attend

  • New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications.
  • Other groups that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Experience, including power users, sales operations, and IT managers.


The prerequisites include a solid understanding of basic Salesforce concepts and functionality, and completion of the following online courses, which are available at help.salesforce.com.

  • Getting Started: Navigating Salesforce
  • Getting Started: Using the Sales Cloud
  • We also strongly recommend you complete the Get Started with Lightning Experience trail in Trailhead to get the most out of this course.

Course Objectives

  • Customize your application, including page layouts, fields, tabs, and business processes in Lightning Experience.
  • Learn how security settings created in Salesforce Classic are applied in Lightning. Maintain and import clean data in Lightning.
  • Use Lightning features to create high-value reports and dashboards.
  • Understand how workflow automation complies with Lightning.

Course Content

  • Getting Around the App
  • Getting Your Organization Ready for Users
  • Setting Up and Managing Users
  • Security and Data Access
  • Object Customizations
  • Managing Data
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Automation
  • Managing the Support Process
Klassikale training

Duur 5 dagen

Prijs (excl. BTW)
  • Nederland: 3.875,- €
  • België: 3.875,- €
Online Training

Duur 5 dagen

Prijs (excl. BTW)
  • Nederland: 3.875,- €
  • België: 3.875,- €
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