Check Point Security Administrator & Engineering Fast Track (CCSAEFT)


Course Overview

This course will benefit technical professionals who support, install deploy or administer Check Point products, and who perform advanced deployment configurations of Check Point products. This 5-day course combines the content of the CCSA and CCSE courses over 5 days (instead of 6).

Please note that his course is not for new users to Check Point – previous certification/experience is required.

Who should attend

  • Technical professionals who support, install, deploy or administer Check Point Software Blades.
  • Expert users and resellers who need to perform advanced deployment configurations of Check Point Software Blades.


  • One-year experience on Check Point products.
  • Working knowledge of Windows and/or UNIX, network technology and the Internet
  • Previous attendance/certification on CCSA
  • This course is not for new users to Check Point – previous experience is required.

Course Objectives


  • Know how to perform periodic administrator tasks
  • Describe the basic functions of the Gaia operating system
  • Recognize SmartConsole features, functions, and tools
  • Describe the Check Point Firewall infrastructure
  • Understand how SmartConsole is used by administrators to grant permissions and user access
  • Learn how Check Point security solutions and products work and how they protect networks
  • Understand licensing and contract requirements for Check Point security products
  • Describe the essential elements of a Security Policy
  • Understand the Check Point policy layer concept
  • Understand how to enable the Application Control and URL Filtering software blades to block access to various applications
  • Describe how to configure manual and automatic NAT
  • Identify tools designed to monitor data, determine threats and recognize opportunities for performance improvements
  • Identify SmartEvent components used to store network activity logs and identify events
  • Know how Site-to-Site and Remote Access VPN deployments and communities work
  • Explain the basic concepts of ClusterXL technology and its advantages


  • Articulate Gaia system management procedures
  • Explain how to perform database migration procedures
  • Articulate the purpose and function of Management High Availability
  • Describe how to use Check Point API tools to perform management functions
  • Articulate an understanding of Security Gateway cluster upgrade methods
  • Discuss the process of Stateful Traffic inspection
  • Articulate an understanding of the Check Point Firewall processes and debug procedures
  • Describe advanced ClusterXL functions and deployment options
  • Explain how the SecureXL acceleration technology enhances and optimizes Security Gateway performance
  • Describe how the CoreXL acceleration technology enhances and improves Security Gateway performance
  • Articulate how utilizing multiple traffic queues can make traffic handling more efficient
  • Describe different Check Point Threat Prevention solutions for network attacks
  • Explain how SandBlast, Threat Emulation, and Threat Extraction help to prevent security incidents
  • Recognize alternative Check Point Site-to-Site deployment options
  • Recognize Check Point Remote Access solutions and how they differ from each other
  • Describe Mobile Access deployment options

Prijs & Delivery methods

Online training

5 dagen

  • 3.950,– €
Klassikale training

5 dagen

  • Nederland: 3.950,– €

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