Advanced Python Programming (APP)


Who should attend

People with the basic knowledge of Python who are interested in interacting with (public) web services.


Basics of Python programming. Experience with the Command Line of operating systems. Familiar with Python IDE’s like PyCharm, Visual Studio, Eclipse or others. Basic overall programming knowledge.

Course Objectives

By completing this course, you will also be prepared for the PCEP | Certified Associate in Python Programmer Certification.

Course Content

Python can be used to create different types of valuable digital products. There are frameworks available for Python for web development, creating your own API, Data Science (Data Analysis, Machine Learning, A.I.) and interacting with external data sources. In this course you will learn how to leverage your Python skills for developing valuable end products for businesses or regular usage. You will get a thorough knowledge of interacting with open data sources by API’s and import that data for extensive data analysis. You will also learn how to make visual web interfaces to make the usage of your Python code easily accessible for other users.

Summary of the topics in this course:

  • Python programming
  • Interacting with API’s to import external data with Python
  • Data Analysis in Python with Pandas and Numpy
  • Data Visualization in Python
  • Building a web application with a visual web interface in Python with Flask
  • Building your own API in Python with Flask

Prijs & Delivery methods

Online training

2 dagen

  • 995,– €
Klassikale training

2 dagen

  • Nederland: 995,– €
  • België: 995,– €

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